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the store when the manager can flying out of the side door which I am blind in and yelling at me like a child and asked me what was I doing.I pulled out a curtain from a bag on the shelf and then an empty plastic bag with the name and color of the product on the clear plastic bag to compare to see if it was the name and same color of the ITEM I had at home.

I was in there about two months ago pulled out my Blackberry Phone and opened the case ans stuck my blackberry into the case to make sure it would fit. I HAD NO PROBLEM, all that happened was a lady walked buy and asked if I was OK? I was going to buy all the ones on the shelf but she said there was more in the back, very nice. Did not come storming down the isle or ask me to "OPEN YOUR PURSE RIGHT NOW, I WANT TO SEE WHAT YOU HAVE IN YOUR BAG".

Then after that she refused to take back some of my items and after we argued she said " this time I will but next time the tags have to be flat".One tag was a little not flat.Then the register lady did not do the return correctly, then they credited my account for the return and then charged my new credit card again for the purchase.

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This place sucks.I went to the counter to purchase an item marked clearance final sale.

I was told that sale is over and was charged full price! I didn't know final clearance sale had a deadline on final!!! Then when contacting the company they have yet to respond. Ridiculous.

Shopper beware they don't care about you only your wallet!Stay away.

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