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and then about 16 days later one week before the end of the month they charged my account again for the amount that they returned.They did this twice the 1st time it was for $550 dollars and the second time when I made the charge and got the return I had to cancel my card for a certain reason and they where able to charge on the new card for the amount returned.

Talk about computer hackers, hackers have nothing on them.

My visa had to be frozen with that company of course they didn't need to because I will not be going back there anymore.Beware!!!!

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Dallas, Texas, United States #809936

After reading all of these --I do see very unhappy employees and not friendly managers.Now it seems obvious it is the company moral that is so low..

3 of our stores closed and combined into one..

It is not an attractive store nor do I go there anymore..:sigh

Bellingham, Washington, United States #628840

I returned an item yesterday for which I had the receipt etc.The clerk was apparently new to the job and could hardly manage the transaction.

I had puchased this item on my debit/visa card. On the receipt for me to sign was my brother's name?? She couldn't give an answer- I am waiting to see if I will get my 13.03 credited to my bank account or not.

So far no sign of it ..I am sure tho if I stole 13.03 from them I would still be in jail...

Greenlawn, New York, United States #621359

My Debit Card was refused for a $6 purchase today at tje Greenlawn, NY Store because I did not have ID to show. I frequently forget my License, especially when I do not drive, which is often the case as I am Disabled.

The blond was at the store computer when I arrived to checkout, she saw me & said she would be right there..then took a phone call and went to check if something was on the shelf... Telling me Just a minute again... Finally she rings me up. The item had two stickers on it, one was hand written. I asked if it was on sale, as I had found it on a sale shelf, and there was only one of the pattern i wanted. She rudely told me it was brand new, then proofed me. When i could not show her an ID, she refused the Sale. Though i had successfully used the Same Debit Card today at our Post Office and Supermarket. She told me I could come back. I said, not today, not ever again...

Now, i hate to be judgmental, because i have facial paralysis and look "off", but i was well dressed - Abecrombie Vest, Vintage Sweate over leggings with Ugg boots,

Fuzzy Nation wristlet, and Betsey Johnson glasses that were purchased there! I would have had nowhere to stash something if i was a shoplifter.. Though I suppose she looked at my face and pegged me for an identity theif. She by comparison had a wad of gum in her mouth, her roots were showing with her dyed blonde greasy hair, and she telegraphed "Skank.". So, Tuesday Morning, i shall avoid you in future and...

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to Glad I Read How They Fiddle Wt #693354


Ha! I love youuuu! you tell it like it freakn! is girly!

these wanna be high end stores hire these low wage, gum smackn, bad/ cheap dye job, baby mamma,cant speak correct english! trailer park living idiots! to represent them and instead they leave you thinking? what kind of "rachet" sh-t?!?

is this:) IDIOTS!

God love em!!:) I prefer to say F---!em!and keep it movin:) smh


Talk about credit cards.I recently went to a store and made a purchase.

They rang it up claiming my card wasn't authorized. She rang it up again with the same results. She called her manager and she voided both of those transactions. She then tried it again with same results.

Now there were two ladies ahead of me who had problems with their cards. Once again it said card not authorized. So I left the store, went to my bank around the corner and of course my card was fine. I grabbed $100.00 cash to pay for my item and went back.

I paid for my item and left. That night I get online to check my account and there sits a charge for $74.89. My husband and I go the next morning and was told the manager won't be back until Wednesday. So I go back that day and she doesn't want to believe that it went through even though I got a bank statement to prove it.

She finally calls customer service and comes back with they will put your money in your account in 1-5 business days. This was on sept 19th. Now here I sit on sept 25th and still see no refund in my account. So I call customer service and she tells me it was just submitted to their credit card handlers on the 21st and it takes 3-5 business days.

They took my money on the 17th and eight days later they still have it and now I am told I still have to wait. Not a pleased customer.

They got until next Monday to put it back.I'm not waiting any longer than that.

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